Sunday, June 18, 2017

FLOWERS ...SDC275 wk2

Theres still time to take part in the Stampotique Designer's Challenge 'FLOWERS'.

For my contribution, I used one of the sets by Eileen Hull  to create this journal.

To begin with I 'applied' ALDI pastel paints (just cheap kids paints) with my fingers ...ok so smeared would have been a more accurate description lol...and glued the panels together. With this set you can lace up the pieces but I preferred a more solid structure (plus the lace thread I had didnt work with the layout I had in mind)

I stencilled and inked areas, highlighted the stencilled circles with pen...and added some stamping directly to the surface

I glued on the letters creating the phrase and added some bits and bobs to decorate...

Added the Giant Daisy and Flamingo & co.

Made an inside  pocket to hold pages


Stamps used are all by Stampotique

GIANT DAISY #3058 (Jo Capper-Sandon)

FLAMINGO #3061 (Jo Capper-Sandon)

DAISY DAISY #3002 (Jo Capper-Sandon)

BROLLY (the umbrella) #3083 (Jo Capper-Sandon)

IN STITCHES #8118 (Josie Cirincione)

ISABELLE #15011 (Tracy Scott)

ALPHA BACKGROUND (letters) #7431 (Arwen McCullen)

FLOWER BLOCK (flowers on flamingo) #9182 (Janet Klein)

Thanks to those that continue to support my blog.- really appreciate it xxx.. 
and for new visitors, all comments are gratefully received (takes ages to upload all these stamp links so gives me incentive to keep showing xx)

ps...I'm not really living the dream...haha...just a bit of artistic license I dont ride round the village on my flamingo...or do I? ;)  All I can say is it would have to be a blimming strong flamingo haha


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Helen said...

Beautiful Jo!